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Grow Luxurious Long Hair. See results in as little as 30 days!

Did You Say CBD?

Yes! The obvious benefits of CBD for hair is that it curbs the production of excess sebum and reduces inflammation.

It also has fatty acids and vitamins which benefit the strength and wellness of your hair. 

The formula does wonders for beards and is safe enough to use on children and even your furry friends. 

Why CBD for my hair?

CBD is a cannabinoid compound drawn from the Cannabis plant. It is a phyto-cannabinoid that complements the endo-cannabinoid system already existing in the human body. The endo-cannabinoid system in humans helps regulate bodily functions such as skin and hair regeneration. It’s this powerful value of the compound that sees it revitalise, heal and rejuvenate unlike any other. 

Why Nempilo Miracle CBD Hair Growth Serum?

At Nempilo we harness the life giving benefits of Cannabidiol phytocannabinoid (CBD) combined with the highest grade, cold pressed, organic extracts to facilitate the health & wellness of your scalp and hair.

How does it work?

Our CBD hair serum has a quick absorption formula, allowing the nutrients to penetrate your skin’s surface. Daily use will normalise oil production, strengthen hair, soften scalp, increase volume, reduce hair loss, ease psoriasis & scalp infections, treat dandruff & inflammation, tame frizz, reverse chemical & heat damage and heal scar tissue all while leaving your hair UV protected and free of a greasy layer.

Will it leave my hair greasy?

No. The serum leaves no visible or tangible grease layer on your skin or hair. The reason for this is an active organic ingredient in the product that actually allows your skin and hair to absorb the ingredients. 

What is the quality level of Nempilo?

Drawn straight from nature, our products are organic, raw, highly concentrated and of the finest quality. Our no-harm approach to scalp-care means that our chemical and preservative free products are nurturing and fortifying, making it safe to use on babies and even animals.

What People Say…

Celeste Mitchell, DJ  Good Hope Fm

“This is the most amazing serum I have ever used! No oiliness & your hair is soft after the first application. My hair is growing, split ends are restored and the most amazing part is that I no longer have to flat iron.

My dandruff is gone too. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to my hair!”

Missy Roberts, Beauty + Lifestyle Vlogger

“I’m loving the locally produced Nempilo which is infused with  essential oils and actually warms up as I massage it into my scalp. 

I find it to be a rich serum that’s great for an intense treatment and also great for sealing your hair.”

Alessya Brookes, Cannabis Activist 

“Finally… the organic hair serum we’ve all been waiting for! I can’t get enough of this super booster serum which has zero oily residue or build up.

This product is nothing short of amazing.  I will never go without it ever again. My daughter’s hair is loving it too!”

Leelia Jay, Singer/Songwriter

“I absolutely love this product! After one week it worked like magic on my dry scalp. No more dandruff and less breakage. I change hairstyles frequently, dye my hair often and use heat daily.

Nempilo keeps my hair extremely healthy. I’ve saved  loads when it comes to salon visits for hair rejuvenation treatments!”