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At Nempilo we harness the life giving benefits of Cannabidiol phytocannabinoid (CBD) combined with the highest grade, cold pressed, organic extracts to facilitate the health & wellness of your scalp and hair.

Our CBD hair serum has a quick absorption formula, allowing the nutrients to penetrate your skin’s surface. Daily use will normalise oil production, strengthen hair, soften scalp, increase volume, reduce hair loss, ease psoriasis & scalp infections, treat dandruff & inflammation, tame frizz, reverse chemical & heat damage and heal scar tissue all while leaving your hair UV protected and free of a greasy layer.

Drawn straight from nature, Nempilo products are organic, raw, highly concentrated and of the finest quality. Our no-harm approach to scalp-care means that our chemical and preservative free products are nurturing and fortifying, making it safe to use on babies and even animals.